"get IN, get WET, get OUT"

"Hi, I'm Weddy Gee, CEO of Wet Gamin. "What's Wet Gamin?" you ask. Heh, you fool. Wet Gamin is the purest of all hubs of underground indie gaming. These games are all hand selected and 100% free to play. They are created by a variety of artists, mostly dug out by my rough, bare hands from deep in the dirt. Don't waste time downloading a game you're going to play for five minutes. Get IN, get WET, get OUT.

Now, there's a reason why they call me the undisputed spearhead of a new breed of CEOs. No, I don't provide my employees with ping pong tables and no, I don't harvest blood from young, clean "Silver Spooners". I'm pioneering what I like to call the "Reject the Corporate" movement. In essence, this means sticking your fist up the dirty, stinky ass of "the Industry", not bowing down to any man or organisation, and creating/promoting art the way it should be, free and without pressure to perform as a worthy ROI.

Look at me. Look at my brown leather jacket. I've earnt my stripes. I've done the hard work. I brawled in the streets with the best of them. I have endured things that no human should ever have to. And now, I'm taking the reigns of this humble organisation, Wet Gamin, and bringing true, honourable gaming to a new plane of existence."

~ Weddy Gee, CEO of Wet Gamin

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